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Are you open to New Ideas, trying New Things or looking at new ways of Doing Business? If you’re Fed – Up Trying to Grow Your Business profits in the Hyper – Competitive Perth market, and Are Searching for a Way to Dramatically Increase your Profits and cash in the bank while Spending Little, if Any of Your Own Money…You Need To Sit Down Right Now and Read This Critical MaterialYou’ve received this personal letter because at some time in the recent past we have crossed professional paths. It’s my desire to assist Perth Business Owners who want to improve their business performance which leads me to contact you. You, like most small to medium sized business owners today, you’re trapped in your own business and may not even know it ! Of the hundreds of business owners I speak to, a disturbing set of common conditions are evident. Are these situations familiar to you ?Your Working Harder and Harder, But Not Getting AheadThere aren’t enough of you to go around. If your planning the day, you can’t be serving, if your serving, you cant be training staff, if your training staff you cant be reviewing the stock management, if your reviewing the stock turns and levels, you cant be at home for dinner or on the weekend for a break…. when was the last time you had a break ?Love – Hate Customer RelationshipsAre you faced with endless customer inquiries that have you frantically trying to keep up and then get the old nugget “I saw this in the paper from your competitor for ½ the price you are charging?” If you are like me, it seems the only thing today’s customers seem to be interested in is hammering us on price. Think how powerful it would be if you could discover a way of understanding the reasons why people buy on price and then interpreting their purchasing motivations, having your team communicates with your customers, so that you can overcome this price issue once and for all.How often have you lost a repeat customer to some new, price driven, service less monolith, they promote service but never deliver? Or worse, your customer went with some new unknown competitor because a “friend of a friend” told them about a deal advertised in the newspaper?
It’s hard enough to keep customers we have, much less “add” new ones. And, the sales we make to each, become less and less frequent between purchases. Take a look at the last few years and tell me you can’t laugh? We had massive increases in demand, sales, loss of staff, rent hikes, fuel increases, interest rate rises, then the election, sub-prime, global melt down and now they predict the economy will go into recession or worse… what’s a person supposed to do next? As I looked out at Perth businesses and how they run their operations, one thing became abundantly clear.Are You Trading Hours – For – Dollars or Building a Business?If your lucky enough, you may have whipped these problems. You might be making a reasonable amount of money but has that decreased in the last 12 months? Are you working more hours to compensate ie… make up for the decrease in profit? If not, you are one of the lucky few…
Here is the problem, if we stop working for any reasonable amount of time, take an extended holiday or more than a few days off per week, we find that the business suffers in its out put, profit, level of customer service or lack of organization. Have you bought yourself a business of a job? With a business your income continues if you are there or not. If you want to escape the hours for dollars model, you’re faced with a number of challenges.If you consider all the pieces together, it means you have to grow your business substantially to maintain your current income or sacrifice profit on less than efficient team members. This is the dilemma. If you do manage to grow your business, it means more space, stock, advertising, sometimes lost margin to grow the sales, more staff (hard to keep and attract staff, I hear it every day) and when they do come on they can be unreliable, need training and supervising. Your overheads explode. You “eat up” all your additional profit with the increased overheads. The only thing that goes up is your blood pressure!There Is A Better WayThere is a better way to reduce your expenses considerably, expand your business and increase your profits, on demand, without raising your overheads or borrowing money to do it. The solution lies “outside the box”. It is going to take an open mind, some eye opening realizations, and some downright creative innovation.But before I can share these ideas with you, it’s very important for you to understand. I’m NOT soliciting you for anything. I don’t have a product to “sell” you. However, I am looking to develop a limited number of long term, trusted relationships, where both of us benefit. As you read on, you’ll see exactly why this has to be the right “fit” for both of us. If it is not, there’s no point in moving forward and I won’t waste your time.After working in business here in Perth, Brisbane, on the Gold coast and Sydney, I have developed an extensive knowledge of small to medium sized businesses and of the challenges facing business owners. I had an “ah ha” moment some 4 years ago and since then I have developed a business management system that assists business owners to minimize their costs, maximize their team productivity, sales growth, profit and most importantly cash in the bank.In the past, we had great returns on our investment in the Perth business market. With the contracting global finance market and the need to reposition your business to ensure you keep the business aligned to the retracting business landscape, what’s more making good profits, the need to stay on top of the changing Perth market is evident. To add to this, we have the large chains advertising like there is no tomorrow, promoting on price alone and removing what profits are left. Rents are up, as are wages and utilities.Past Practice in NOT the indicator of Future SuccessThere’s a much better way of achieving what your customers want. You won’t read about this in the trade press or hear about it at any seminar, the franchises won’t mention it. No body is talking about what we are doing. I’m one of the few Perth business specialists who is passionate and fanatical about small to medium sized businesses and helping Perth business owners maintain the tradition of service for the community.Back in 2004 I realized that the old school ways were not going to cut it anymore. If we keep doing what we always have done, we will continue to get the same result, whilst our competitors are trying new things all the time to take our share of the consuming public’s wallet. It is also not about size, either. Going “big” for the sake of going big. Paying exorbitant rents etc. What your customers really want is amazing, helpful service, someone who can understand their needs, wants and desires. To be able to talk to someone they know and trust.For the past 4 years we have been developing and refining my ideas. This has resulted in some amazing breakthroughs. Using technology and best practice from across the world, Australia and locally here in Perth, I have created a new business model. I have assembled a specific team, here in Western Australia, the best in their business, to support the industry locally.We can assist you to reduce your expenses, schedule your teams on a monthly, weekly, daily and hourly basis, and train them from being reliant and needy, to a team of self starters. We have sales and marketing systems that will assist you to grow the client base that you want, not what you are left with and also assist you to review the success of your business monthly, taking the relevant steps to improve your business dramatically. This system is so simple; you will wonder why no one has figured this out before, but more on this in a minute. All you need to know is that I have cracked the code and reinvented the way to do business. We truly believe that this is the next generation model for business improvement, and it is specifically developed with Perth business owners in mind.How does this work?Sometimes the obvious is right in front of us. We will assist you to go from “chaos to control”. The first step is to review where you are currently at from a financial point of view. We analyze your current Key Performance Indicators, financial processes and activities. From here we will make recommendations that I guarantee will save you thousands of dollars, annually. That’s right, guarantee! If you don’t, I will refund the entire cost of that consultancy session.We will start with the financial analysis session and as we establish that we are a good fit for each other, you are our client, relying on our professional knowledge and competence to provide services that are in YOUR best interest. Much like working with a financial planner, your benefit will be greater than ours. You are relying on our expertise and integrity. This is an ethical responsibility we would never violate. Our goal is to guide your business growth beyond anything you’ve been able to do by yourself.Along the way, you’ll be introduces to our new ways of doing business. The simple fact is this, when you grow, we prosper with you. We don’t expect you to believe all this strictly based on what you are reading right here. We will prove it to you and you are going to be the judge.Here are some important things that you are going to learn as you begin to do business with us;o How to develop a ferociously loyal customer base that can’t wait to do business with you, spending more, more often and NEVER consider switching to another source
o Develop customers so enthusiastic that they will go out of their way to recommend you to their friends
o Why price will never be a consideration again
o How to avoid being sucked into the “price match” scenario trap
o Set your target for new customer numbers and then exceed it, only to reset it based on the new levels of productivity, systems and profitability you have.If seriously growing your business is important to you, this may be the most important opportunity you’ll consider this financial year. I can’t say if we’re right for each other, it’s too early to tell. But if we end up working together, I can guarantee, the relationship we develop over time, will be one of the most trusted and valuable assets you have.If the idea of working personally with one of the worlds most innovative, knowledgeable, experienced, business improvement consultants is appealing to you, we should talk. We do really need to see if this all makes sense to you.If you’re skeptical, I understand, its natural to take a conservative approach. I invite you to please call us between 9 am and 5 pm to schedule a personal interview with me. There is no pressure and absolutely no obligation of any kind. There is no sales pitch and no special offers. Even if this doesn’t work out for you, the time we spend together, in the interview, will enlighten you and introduce concepts which will change the way you see your operation and possibly additional aspects of your life.After we have had a chance to talk and determine if we can work together, I will give you the names and phone numbers of other clients that I am currently working with. Over the last 6 months we have been working on ways to increase their team performance, give them back more spare time, more sales and profits and they will answer any questions you want to ask.I’m here to personally answer any questions you may have and to help you get a full understanding of how you can build the business you have always wanted. This is not like anything you have been exposed to by your accountant, bookkeeper, networks or mates. It’s a brand new, innovative, business model that’s delivering amazing results!Limited Offer, Limited InvitationsI will only be working with one client in a given geographical area, and I have been careful to make sure this geographical area doesn’t overlap. I am working with no more than 12 clients per month. You’re my first choice for your market area because we have either met or because you were recommended to me as someone who would work well with us. I do have alternatives as well. Pease call me on 0433 835 226 to confirm your appointment.Thank you so much for taking the time to consider these ideas. I’m personally looking forward to hearing from you and possibly working with you in the very near future.Warmest regards,

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If you are an internet marketing enthusiast then you are sure to know about the product launches. One such very major product launched recently is the Launch Tree. To begin with you may tend to get confused with its title but the product is nothing about launches. If you go through the LaunchTree Reviews you will know that the main word in the title of the product is “tree”. This word in the title signifies that as it is important that the root of the tree is healthy in order for it to grow properly and grow big. In the same way it is important in marketing to understand the psychology of the customer which is considered to be the root of marketing.You may think that almost everyday there is a new product launched on internet marketing. So what is so unique about Launch Tree and why should you take interest in it. According to Launch Tree Review this product is worth an attention. This product is worth a look as it is from the online marketers who have been phenomenally successful in the business and know the tricks of the trade. In the book the writers teach about the basic principles of the online marketing business. So even if you are not buying the product do pay some attention to the ideas and principles explained in it.The most important and the basic principle put forth by Launch Tree is the need to understand the psyche of the customer. It is the root of successful online marketing. Launch Tree review says that as in a tree you cannot see the root but that is what helps the tree to grow in the same way a good understanding of the psyche of the customer helps you to grow and be successful in online marketing. Hence if you fail to understand the clients mind you will not be successful in marketing. Mike Filsaime and Anik Singal who are the owners of this product have been able to achieve phenomenal success because they have been able to understand the clients mind.According to Launch Tree review the owners say that online marketing is not only about selling a product. It is also about providing your customers with the actual value of the product. They say that if you are only concentrating on selling your product and then moving on to another product that you can sell then may find yourself losing a lot of money and opportunity as well. Then it will become a tree with no branches. Thus Launch tree review notes that the owners of the product have stressed on the point that you need to understand the root i.e. the mind of the customer as to why the customer bought the product and what it really wants. In this way you will not only make profit but you will be able to double your profit four times more.